iConnect was independently established in 2005 and has
quickly grown to become Zambia’s Number One Internet
Service Provider. In 2010 we were proud to become part
of the Vodacom group and have since continued to offer
market-leading internet services. As a proudly Zambian
company we are committed to playing a role in our
country’s growth and economic development.

The Five Cs: The iConnect Mission


Care underpins absolutely everything that we do. We care about our customers, we care about their experience, we care about earning and keeping their trust. We also care about bigger things…such as education, society and environment. We care about sustainability…the future, not just the now.

Change lives

The internet is powerful. We know that. We know that it has made so many of the things we’ve been doing for centuries so much easier. And, we’ve learnt that it’s capable of things we had never imagined. Of course we’re a service provider and we’re here to provide that power. But more than anything, we believe in showing people how to unleash it.

Create possibilities

Once upon a time we sold ‘connections’ or links to the internet. Today, this link has become something we take for granted and only one small element of a universe of possibilities. We are now interested in so much more than changing the way you communicate. We are changing the way you live.

Connect people to what is important to them

One man’s Twitter is another man’s temple. We take the time to understand what is meaningful to our customers, what moves them, what makes them tick and what they can’t live without. And then, with speed and simplicity, we get out of bed every morning to deliver it.

Challenge status quo

Innovation drives everything that we do. It always has and it always will. In all honesty, we have no idea what we’ll be creating ten years from now. But we do know we’ll be the first to do it.